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Розподілені обчислення в Україні | Распределенные вычисления в Украине _ Рендеринг _ Open rendering Environment - renderfarm.fi

Автор: Death Jan 27 2009, 13:36

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Проект "Open rendering Environment (ORE)"


ТОП-20 участников:
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Дата основания команды - 27.01.2009 Капитан - Death
Для присоединения к команде Украины:
0. зарегистрируйтесь на сайте проекта http://www.renderfarm.fi/user/register
1. Загрузите http://boinc.berkeley.edu/download.php (Если его у Вас еще нет!)
2. Перейдите в "расширенный вид"
3. Выберите сервис ---> добавить проект
4. Введите адрес проекта http://www.renderfarm.fi/
5. Введите свои регистрационные данные.
6. Найдите нашу команду. Она называется Ukraine и адрес ее [url=]http://www.renderfarm.fi/team_members.php?teamid=202&sort_by=total_credit&offset=0[/url] вы могли видеть выше.
7. Если есть доступные для загрузки задания Вы их получите и начнете расчеты.
Новичкам: http://distributed.org.ua/index.php?go=Pages&in=view&id=170, как поставить и настроить BOINC-менеджер
Полезная информация:
Для идентификации пользователя в BOINC могут служить 2 вещи:
1) пара e-mail/пароль
2) межпроектный идентификационный ID (Cross-project ID) - 32значное шестнадцатиричное число.

Если Вы пожелаете подключится ещё и к другому BOINC-проекту, то помните: чтобы не плодить новых аккаунтов при подключении к новому проекту или команде, нужно обязательно везде регистрироваться с одним и тем же Именем и EMAIL. если при регистрации в проекте указать другой e-mail , BOINC создаст новый аккаунт с тем же именем! В этом случае рекомендуется зайти во все ваши аккаунты и во все проекты и где надо поменять емейл на нужный. Через некоторое время ваши аккаунты сольются в один с одним cross-project-id.

О проекте:

About Renderfarm.fi
Make sure you are also familiar with both our policies, terms of use and output licensing. For any technology related questions, you can consult the Renderfarm.fi FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and the Forum.
What is Renderfarm.fi? (also available in )

Renderfarm.fi is and always will be a completely free and open platform for doing distributed rendering over the Internet. As well as enabling artists to share computing resources between each other, Renderfarm.fi gives us, the volunteers, the ability to help them in the creation of their art.
By using Renderfarm.fi, graphic artists and animators benefit from the ability to use higher image quality and higher resolution when rendering. Renderfarm.fi also enables and encourages everybody to participate in the rendering of stills and animations, regardless of whether they themselves are able to do 3D graphics. It takes only five minutes to volunteer. By dividing the work among hundreds of computers, an animation that takes months to render on one machine can be completed in only a few days.
For a quick briefing check out the cool "What is Renderfarm.fi?" video created by community member Jani Lintunen (Jerico) on our official Youtube channel:

Bridging the Digital Gap: Why should you volunteer?

The wide spread use of CGI also means that today’s movie audiences, be they at the theatre or lying down on their living room couch, are not easy to satisfy. This means that movies being developed on a low budget are far stretched to compete with the visuals that big budget movies boast. In fact, in this it seems that while the advancement of digital technology has bridged gaps, it has also introduced new ones.
We believe that the cultural movement represented by community based services like Renderfarm.fi, best described as the democratization of media, should be embraced. Simply by volunteering your computer to compute for Renderfarm.fi you can be a part of this movement. We're making Renderfarm.fi as accessible as possible and enabling as many people as possible to both take part in and use the technologies behind the service. In order to reach our goal for total accessibility, we've chosen to support Blender, the world's most popular open source 3D suite. Supporting Blender means that we can reach out to everybody on equal ground.
As new services are bringing people together in new ways and empowering individuals to be creative and to be heard, regardless of their background, the combination of Blender and Renderfarm.fi enables almost anybody - whether a poor student from Asia or the owner of a large animation studio in the US - to create professional level 3D stills and animation. Renderfarm.fi and the project that originally made it possible, BURP, could be recognized as rare exceptions among a plethora of BOINC projects because no lengthy analysis or scientific know-how is necessary to understand the images and movie clips that are produced. They speak their own universal language.
The Technology: Openness is a state of mind

The development of open source technologies such as GPL-licensed Blender and the LGPL-licensed BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing) made the creation of BURP (Big and Ugly Rendering Project) viable. The BURP software, originally created by Janus Kristensen and now developed in co-operation between Kristensen and the Renderfarm.fi team, is an open source project developing software for doing publicly distributed rendering of computer generated 3D animations and stills. BURP is free software distributed under the GNU GPL v3 license.
Openness is a state of mind. Renderfarm.fi and the technologies behind it make rendered animations and images public. In an effort to offer a completely transparent service, we will never obfuscate or encrypt any of the renders that get done on the service. People who feel uncomfortable with this will probably never use this service. Meanwhile, the more open minded of us are likely to embrace this opportunity to share our extra resources with people hoping realize their full potential as artists.
Our sponsors

We wish express our gratitude to the sponsors that have made Renderfarm.fi a possibility through their contribution in both expertise and funding. These include Laurea UAS, the Finnish State Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation Tekes, Otaverkko Ltd, Star Wreck Studios Ltd and the Finnish Centre for Open Source Solutions COSS.

Julius Tuomisto (alias prodigal_son)
LaureaSID Networks
Espoo, Finland

Ссылки по теме:

График ППД команды "Ukraine"
[img_]картинка с проекта http://boincstats.com/stats/boinc_team_graph.php?pr=bo&id=5558[/img_]


Для нормальной работы под linux:
используйте sudo apt-get install libpython3.1

Автор: Death Jan 27 2009, 16:39

рендерят задания которіе аплоадят юзері.
из программі блендер.

Автор: Rilian Feb 2 2009, 13:50

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Автор: Death Feb 24 2009, 22:01

You have 4 invites left.

кидайте в личку мыло на которое присылать.

Автор: Rilian Feb 24 2009, 22:14

Death, а на какой странице ты инвайте смотришь? Мож у меня есть

upd: ага, "You have 5 invites left."


Автор: Rilian Feb 25 2009, 13:03

Жирные ВЮ пошли... 16 часов - 10%

Автор: Algon Feb 25 2009, 15:05

Фигасе... ктото фильм рендерит smile.gif

Автор: Rilian Feb 25 2009, 17:13

при том что дедлайн 24 часа..............

Автор: Rilian Feb 25 2009, 17:24

хотя мож меня и проглючило и то было 16 инут...

Автор: Rilian Apr 6 2009, 11:07

Кому инвайт? Пишите в личку

Автор: Rilian Apr 6 2009, 11:17

Remmer инвайчен. Еще 3 штуки у меня, и по 5 у каждого нового юзера

Автор: Rilian Aug 12 2009, 12:00

Home » My account » Invite a friend
You have 10 invites remaining.

кому инвайт?

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Автор: Rilian Sep 16 2009, 22:47

есть задания

кому инвайте? huh1.gif

Автор: Rilian Oct 13 2009, 23:04

ап ^

10 мин = 2 очка

дедлайн 1 день

Автор: Sergyg Nov 6 2009, 22:21

што атм они рендерят - ХЗ.
А вот бывает люди нуждаются, ещё и деньги предлагают за рендер-время:
(наверняка, ссылка скоро станет мертвой, просто это далеко не единичный пример. Хоть и не через универсальную оболочку там все делается... зато не нужно показывать права на владение софтом smile.gif ) ........ это так, вообще, к слову я.....

Автор: Algon Nov 6 2009, 23:35

А если посчитать, сколько такая ферма (из 112 ядер Xeon) стоит, и сколько она кушает в месяц электричества, интернета и т.д.?
И за это предлагают $684.14. Несерьезно, раз в 5 ниже уровня окупаемости...

Автор: Sergyg Nov 6 2009, 23:56

да, вообще чтобы заработать денег на этом рендеринге, имхо тяжело. На фрилансе предлагают копейки, они и понятно. КАзалось бы, побыстрее наступили времена, когда - наскреб денег на 1-2 видяхи - и понятие время выполнения работы будет определяться умениями человека, а не столько наличием рендер-фермы.
Гы, тогда все ещё больше обесценится...
Да сегодня и крупные рендер-фермеры жалуются.
В этом году вроде Duche писал, что у них нифига не окупается.
Так он грамотный человек, у него команда ... http://www.рендер.com/

Автор: Rilian Nov 19 2009, 02:40

Есть ВЮ! cool2.gif

По 230МБ swoon.gif telephone.gif

Автор: Rilian Dec 4 2009, 11:38

Есть ВЮ

Автор: Rilian Feb 11 2010, 21:04

Sorry for not answering your post before. We're expecting a lot more traffic on the website after we announce the new Renderfarm.fi distribution of Blender (this is happening in the next couple of days). We'll also be much more actively checking up on the queue starting from monday.


Автор: Rilian Feb 13 2010, 03:30

IPB Image

Accessibility is a key issue to any service looking to gain acceptance. For this reason, we've created a python script that makes it possible for a user to upload render sessions to Renderfarm.fi directly from an instance of Blender. This has now been included to a special distribution of Blender, available both on a limited edition DVD and here. The script also checks that the scene settings are correct in order for the render to succeed. Note that in order to send work to Renderfarm.fi through the uploader, you still need to own an account on the service. You will find the simple instructions for using the uploader from here. New to Blender 2.5? Don't worry - we'll be hosting a blog for tutorials on using Blender 2.5 soon.

Please keep in mind that Blender 2.5 is still very much in Alpha (ie. changes happen daily) and that the uploader script is in Beta. Also note that although support for the new Blender 2.5 internal render engine is coming online during the next few days, until that time you can use the uploader to upload animations and stills done with Blender 2.48a.


Автор: Rilian Feb 13 2010, 16:48

Есть немного ВЮ!

Автор: Death Feb 13 2010, 17:01

100 mb файл. не стал кочать.

Автор: Rilian Feb 13 2010, 17:30

Thanks for the interest and support guys. Once we get the Blender 2.5 clients up I think I will do some advertising. However Im a little hesitant to overdo it as I think its important that once people really start to find the service that they get a good image of its capabilities. Im still feeling a bit shaky about all the settings that need checking before a work will be rendered succesfully.

Still, I guess people will understand that we're very much a alpha/beta project and alot of work is ahead in order to make the service a really professional alternative to "traditional rendering grids". However, I think I can now declare that this is really now our aim. Creating an open, professionally ran alternative to "traditional" renderfarms.

Julius Tuomisto
Project Manager, Open Rendering Environment (ORE)

Автор: Rilian Apr 10 2010, 02:17

Есть ВЮ!

пишите в личку емейл. дам инвайт

Автор: Rilian Apr 10 2010, 02:47

This weekend (9.-11. of April 2010) we're trying to run a serious stress test scene on Renderfarm.fi. If you are experiencing problems with this, please place any comments to us as soon as possible. The rendering is a test related to a commercial pilot that is a part of the ORE project.

Автор: Rilian Apr 25 2010, 20:26

Есть ВЮ. Инвайте - в ЛС

Автор: Rilian Jul 1 2010, 13:34

IPB Image

Blender 2.5 Mac OSX clients being tested

The 32 and 64 bit Intel Mac OSX clients are near finished and will be deployed and tested today. If the deployment goes well, it will mean that for the first time BURP's history, Mac users can join projects as equal contributors.

We're also getting close to releasing the new version of the Renderfarm.fi distribution of Blender (perhaps later on during the week) and the website will also get some new features during the next few weeks.

Blender 2.5 Linux/Windows being tested

Cool news as we've managed to get the Blender 2.5 builds for both 32bit and 64bit Windows/Linux operating systems running. We're currently testing their functionality by running some sessions. If all goes well, we can start accepting work as before and move on to officially supporting Blender 2.5. Meanwhile, the Mac OSX clients are being worked at and will hopefully be available during the next couple of weeks.

как всегда, за инвайтами обращайтесь сюда или в ЛСexcl.gif

Автор: Rilian Jul 31 2010, 00:44

За точто я активный участник проекта и сообщаю о бага хна оф форуме, мне дарят футболку smile.gif

Hi Rilian,

I'm sending a couple of Renderfarm.fi T-shirts to the most active BOINCers out there (the ones who've been helping and asking important questions on the forum). If you'd like one, all you need to do is to give me your mail address and size preference. I can only give out XXL and XL sizes right now unfortunately, so please choose from those two sizes smile.gif.



пс: есть еще инвайты, пишите свой емейл мне в личном сообщении winner.gif

Автор: Rilian Aug 29 2010, 09:02

2010-08-25: Hey all - really cool news. I just received word from our resident build guru Gekko that we've succesfully rolled out the new Blender 2.53 Beta clients for BOINC for all platforms (32bit and 64bit Mac OSX, Linux and Windows).The new builds have some bug fixes and naturally feature the latest version of the Blender render engine with all it's tweaks. Renderfarm.fi uploader now GPL licensed: in Blender 2.53 Beta!I also decided to take this opportunity to point out to anybody who's missed this so far: you are no longer tied to our own distribution of Blender in order to use Renderfarm.fi. You can now just download your favourite main branch Blender 2.53 Beta build and enable the Renderfarm.fi add-on in order to use the service directly from within your Blender.Naturally this represents a huge leap for us in terms of availability, hopefully meaning many more Blenderheads can now find their way on to the service. You can read more about the script from the official Blender 2.53 Wiki. Cheers!

Автор: nikelong Sep 6 2010, 23:23

2010-09-06: Renderfarm.fi - Renderfarm.fi and Wreckamovie.com launch integration
We're excited to announce that new integrated functionality between Renderfarm.fi and the communal movie production website Wreckamovie.com has been launched. Users of Wreckamovie.com are offered a simple way to create an account on Renderfarm.fi, synchronize the accounts and add their own sessions from Renderfarm.fi as "shots" on Wreckamovie.com. As this is planned to be the first stepping stone in integration, we hope that the future will bring users of both services many more cool features.

Wreckamovie.com - started some three years ago by the same people who gave life to Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning (the most viewed Finnish film of all times) - is a free to use web service that brings people together in order to create movies. The service recently achieved a milestone as the first full-length feature film to incorporate the concept of using community manpower from the beginning to the end of the production, Snowblind, was finished. Renderfarm.fi is a free community based rendering service that first opened to the public in summer 2009. The service aims at making accessible distributed rendering available to anybody who needs it, anytime they need it, regardless of their geological location or financial background.

Assembly 2010: Independent movies, Blender and Renderfarm.fi

The producer of Snowblind, Kalle Max Hofmann visited the Renderfarm.fi stand and presented about the creation of Snowblind with #blender.fi community member Hannu Hoffren at Assembly 2010 computer fair in Helsinki, Finland between 6th and 8th of August 2010. As BURP (the open source back-end technology used by Renderfarm.fi) head developer Janus Kristensen was also visiting Helsinki for the fair, we got interviewed for AssemblyTV about Renderfarm.fi, BURP and community based independent movie production. The interview was carried out by Brendan Ratliff (also known with his scene alias Syphus), who we thought did an excellent job in capturing the essence of the underlying technology and concepts. You can now watch the video on the Renderfarm.fi Youtube channel:


Автор: Rilian Sep 15 2010, 19:47

Проект получил приз EUROPRIX Quality Seal

I'm happy to announce that we received notice today that Renderfarm.fi has been chosen to receive the EUROPRIX Quality Seal. EUROPRIX was started by the Austrian presidency in 1998 as an EU member states initiative, supported by the European Commission DG Enterprise and Information Society, governments of other countries in the European Union and private industry. Its main activity was the organisation of the pan-European Multimedia Content Award.Anja Pohl from the EUROPRIX offices in Salzburg, Austria writes: We would like to thank you very much for your participation in the EUROPRIX Multimedia Awards 2010. We want to congratulate you on the high quality of your EUROPRIX Multimedia Awards 2010 entry and are delighted to inform you that your project with the ID 1049 was awarded the official EUROPRIX Quality Seal. The Quality Seal winners will be showcased within September on the EUROPRIX website.Your achievement is outstanding because 299 entries from 30 countries were evaluated by the jury team of the EUROPRIX Multimedia Awards. Your project was evaluated in two rounds by two different panels of jurors. By awarding the quality seal they wish to recommend your project to consumers and users. The EUROPRIX Quality Seal is proof that your project is highly innovative and creative. Only 36 projects received the quality seal.It goes without saying that Renderfarm.fi's success in this multimedia competition is directly tied to the work carried out for years by Janus Kristensen in BURP. In this I think the Quality Seal should apply to the original project aswell. Equally I think this has been a team effort so I'd like to thank my development team of Nathan Letwory, Jesse Kaukonen, Olivier Romand and Samuel Anjam for their efforts. I also thought that this would also be a perfect time to thank all the people who've contributed to the project in the form of their thesis works and/or traineeships at Laurea UAS: Lauri Viitala, Lassi Haaranen, Heikki Seppälä, Niko Suomalainen, Jani Lintunen, Juha Laakso, Mikael Kääriäinen and Laura Aspholm. Finally I'd like to thank all of you - the volunteers. You make Renderfarm.fi possible. smile.gif

Автор: Rilian Nov 9 2010, 17:44

2010-11-09: Our resident build guru Gekko just uploaded the new Blender Renderfarm.fi v2.55 builds on to our website. The new build offers new functionality in the form of an interactive summary page that displays feedback on the status of the different settings - something that was only available in the console previously. You can download the latest version of the build from here. The rendering clients for v2.55 will hopefully be up by the end of the week.The problem with Python insists and as of yet the Python devs have not shown much compassion for our cause. If you'd like to help us in getting this issue fixed (meaning that the uploader provided with the main branch of Blender would work directly without tweaks), please go tell the Python devs that you want this fixed. You can do so by logging on and writing a comment on this page. Thank you for your continued support guys!

Автор: nikelong Jan 6 2011, 00:58

2010: A Year in Review
Fri, 2010-12-31 12:49 | prodigal_son

Sometimes it's important to reflect on the past in order to appreciate the current. Indeed 2010 was a great year for us. Although it started slowly, our efforts on the back-end (BURP) and front-end (Blender 2.5) are bearing fruit as the service and the open values it advocates are slowly seeping into the public conciousness. I feel that a witness to this fact is our recent nomination to the prestigious World Summit Award as the Finnish candidate in the category of "e-entertainment and games".

I'm pleased to say that since June 2010, we got over 1500 new registrants and the last check on the amount of clients that have attached at one point or another was nearing 2000. That's alot of rendering power - available from anywhere, anytime - to anyone. August saw our "uploader" integrated into the main release of Blender and in the same month we announced our collaboration with the award winning communal movie production platform Wreckamovie.com. Although this integration is yet to really prove it's worth, I'm sure we will be doing alot more stuff with them in the future.

While a lot of work still remains ahead of us, I feel more confident than ever of the fact that open rendering will soon be able to offer a viable, professional, alternative to using costly closed rendering services. In order to get there, here are only some things that you can expect from us in 2011: HDRI support, higher memory limitation on sessions (4GB and up), support for at least one other open source rendering engine and so on.

Finally as we missed the opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas, I thought it's only proper that we somehow acknowledge everybody's crunching efforts and wish you a Happy New Year 2011. Thank you all for participating! (Original art by Jani Lintunen).


Автор: Death Feb 9 2011, 14:14

Для нормальной работы под линупсом используйте

sudo apt-get install libpython3.1

Автор: Rilian Aug 1 2011, 10:57

Congratulations to Renderfarm.fi, a winner of the 2011 http://www.wsis-award.org/winner/renderfarmfi-%E2%80%93-making-movies-screensaver-78820110609 in the e-Science and Technology category.

Автор: Rilian Sep 25 2011, 10:45

есть ВЮ

кому инвайт - пишите свой емейл мне в личку

Автор: Володимир Sep 25 2011, 11:16

sad.gif , я вже навантажився вдоль і впоперек на всі телята, навіть не знаю чи варто це ше ліпити...

Не знайшов у них на сайті про застосунки - на які ОС? це тільки ЦПУ?

Д.Р. О! вони партнери із Blender! smile.gif

Автор: Rilian Sep 25 2011, 11:24

QUOTE(Володимир @ Sep 25 2011, 12:16) *

sad.gif , я вже навантажився вдоль і впоперек на всі телята, навіть не знаю чи варто це ше ліпити...

Не знайшов у них на сайті про застосунки - на які ОС? це тільки ЦПУ?

Д.Р. О! вони партнери із Blender! smile.gif

в любом боинк проекте набери /apps.php


да, тольк CPU, и еще памяти требует, желательно не меньше 1ГБ свободной

о, интересная штука

походу регистрация уже открыта


Автор: Володимир Sep 25 2011, 11:32

(Rilian @ Sep 25 2011, 17:24) *

(Володимир @ Sep 25 2011, 12:16) *

sad.gif , я вже навантажився вдоль і впоперек на всі телята, навіть не знаю чи варто це ше ліпити...

Не знайшов у них на сайті про застосунки - на які ОС? це тільки ЦПУ?

Д.Р. О! вони партнери із Blender! smile.gif

в любом боинк проекте набери /apps.php


да, тольк CPU, и еще памяти требует, желательно не меньше 1ГБ свободной

о, интересная штука

походу регистрация уже открыта


О дякую! не знав за .../apps.php
Пам’яті вистачить; погано шо тіки на ЦПУ sad.gif
Запишуся на всякий випадокsmile.gif

Автор: Rilian Sep 29 2011, 12:36

2011-09-29: Today I committed the next version of the Renderfarm.fi Uploader into Blender trunk. Without going too much into formal talk, here's the commit message to those of you who are interested:- You must now log in first before doing anything. Old system did everything in one call, while this new system has 3 calls:Login and check password, downloading session informationDo optional session list refreshingHandle file uploads to the service- Changed the UI:You can no longer edit ore_resox or the other ore settings. These are copied from Blender's render settings directlyYou can change ore parts and ore memory usage, but these are tagged as "optional advanced settings"There is now a link to the Renderfarm.fi render panel in the main render panel. You can easily switch between Blender Render and Renderfarm.fi renderThe UI gives you visible errors instead of hiding these in the console, although not all errors are visible- The preparation is performed once the user presses "upload" or changes to the Renderfarm.fi tabThis no longer stops the upload, but instead gives a warning if there are issuesIf a texture is not found, give a warningIf a linked file is not found, give a warning- The file is no longer saved into the original master file, but a copy is created with the name "renderfarm.blend". - Short description field was removed. This still exists code-wise, but it's simply filled with a dummy letter. Instead, the UI asks for simply "description" and "tags". Tags might be implemented soon-ish™.- The old method of listing and canceling sessions is completely re-written:The new system fetches out all the user's sessions and stores them in lists, then fetching what is required. The old system required a new XMLRPC call if you wanted to switch your selected list from one to another such as "completed" to "canceled". I removed this "list by session type" -feature entirely and simply added one list that has everything. The sessions still have the % complete next to the name.Canceling works like before, except it gives a visible error if canceling isn't possible (ie session is already running or rejected)There is a refresh button that fetches out new listings from the server- Particles generate a warning:If there are emitter type particles, recommend checking particle bakingIf there are hair type particles with child_type 'SIMPLE', change the mode to 'INTERPOLATED'. This seems to fix most of our problems. Also shows a note about this- Fluid simulations generate a warning about them not working at all. This won't prevent uploading.The most adventurous of you can download the latest Blender trunk and fetch the script from it, then place it in 2.59/scripts/addons. Otherwise, you can simply wait for the Blender 2.60 release which has the new version. If you spot any bugs, don't be shy to mention them!

Автор: Rilian Oct 3 2011, 09:22

Есть ВЮ

Автор: Rilian Dec 21 2011, 13:31

Renderfarm.fi is currently under maintenance. We should be back later this week. Thank you for your patience.

Автор: Rilian Mar 5 2012, 12:49

A new application is available for the project Renderfarm.fi
Project URL: http://www.renderfarm.fi/
Data from this application: http://wuprop.boinc-af.org/results.py?projet=Renderfarm.fi&application=Cycles

Автор: Rilian Mar 12 2012, 18:51

не прошло и 3 года как в renderfarm.fi я набрал 10к очков smile.gif

Автор: x3mEn Mar 12 2012, 19:26

(Rilian @ Mar 12 2012, 18:51) *

не прошло и 3 года как в renderfarm.fi я набрал 10к очков smile.gif

Created on Mon, 02 Feb 09 06:43:21

Автор: rpisarev Jun 16 2012, 18:05

Интересный проект. Возможно, станет приемником судоку для меня smile.gif

Автор: rpisarev Jun 27 2012, 06:36

Кстати, у кого есть Mac OS X - присоединяйтесь есть специфичные для данной ОС WU

Автор: rpisarev Jan 8 2014, 21:03

Ну удивление получил три задания от проекта, хотя на сайте тишь да гладь...

Автор: Sergyg Mar 28 2014, 08:57

мне пришёл вот такой любопытный(?) http://katoshka.gn-render.com/ и пассивный доход))

развод или таки серьёзную штуку осилили ?

Автор: egorio Mar 28 2014, 09:47

QUOTE(Sergyg @ Mar 28 2014, 08:57) *

мне пришёл вот такой любопытный(?) http://katoshka.gn-render.com/ и пассивный доход))

развод или таки серьёзную штуку осилили ?

Сразу ясно smile.gif
1 шаг.
Приобретите бизнес пакет с компьютерной программой GN Render от GNETWORK.

Автор: Sergyg Mar 28 2014, 10:13


я-то не читал ))

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