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Fah Smp Affinity Changer [english]
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Folding@Home SMP

Affinity Changer utility


User from our team, worthy.gif nik4eva created :onpc: utility for dynamical distribution of FAH SMP client processes to cpu cores.

Utility works like Windows® service, and it is completely automatical. Once per 10 minutes Affinity Changer checks to which cores are assigned FAH SMP processes, and if needed, reassigns them evenly, 2 processes for double-core cpu, and 1 process for each core for Quad (4-cores processor).

For Affinity Changer you will need to have Microsoft .NET 2.0 framework installed.
here is Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package (x86) and here is Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package (x64).

How does it work? <- new info

After some time interval (10 mins) utility checks, if there are 4 processes of FahCore_a1 (one FAH SMP client). If so, and system has 2 CPUs or 2 cores, then utility assigns two processes for each core in some magic way: 1321.gif first core gets process with maximal memory usage, and process with minimal memory usage. Other two processes are assigned to second core.

For quad core processors, first SMP client is assigned to 1st and 3rd core, 2nd SMP client assigned to 2nd and 4th core. Assigning affinities on QUAD if you run one SMP client does not make sense.

Attention: Version 1.0.5 support 8-core computers (2 quad-core processors only).

Security notice: Affinity Changer does not connect to internet. period.

Where to get this thingy ?


winner.gif DOWNLOAD AFFINITY CHANGER 1.0.5 (64-bit version)


After downloading zip, unpack it and run setup.exe

After that, follow screenshots: Next->Next->Next->Close

Affinity changer is installed! victory.gif


After installation service is started automatically. No reboot needed.


Go to Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs. Select FAH SMP Affinity Changer and click "uninstall" button.

Copyright notes and stuff rtfm.gif

You may not redistribute this program on your site.
If you want to share the program on your site, put the short description and give straight link to this article
Version 1.0.2 now supports quad-core processors
People reporting up to 1000PPD increase, which is like 365000PPY. Looks like we are giving out free computers smile.gif
1.0.3 version released with some bugs fixed:

Version 1.0.2 sometimes assigned affinities by 0-1-0-1 formula, which gave 1440 PPD on Е2140@3000. Version 1.0.3 assigns affinities for such processors by 0-1-1-0 formula, which give 1590 PPD. (version 1.0.1 did not have that bug)

In other words, version 1.0.3 will work more precisely for Core Duo / Core 2 Duo processors, and will give more PPD
New version released with 64-bit cpu support

Next version is about to be released very soon with single-threaded client support
Thanks ever so much!

I owe you a beer wink.gif
Rillian or Nick;

Happy New Year!

What are some possible reasons why I can't install 1.0.4 x64 on my Q6600? I get an dialog saying my processor isn't supported, but it's 64-bit. I thought this version was to add support for 64 bit cpus; or is this version for 64-bit OS?

The other version seems to work, though. (1.0.4)

Members of my team have expressed interest, and I have linked to this thread on my team's board, AOA Forums, #45:

First I'd like to thank you for this utility! Gave me about 1100ppd more on my Q6600 @ 3.83ghz


However, when I shut down my clients to play a game or something for some reason 2 cores always are still working at 100%. I check my processes but nothing seems to be taking up the CPU power....and it stays like this until I reboot the computer.

I'm using Vista 64 bit along with the 1.0.4 64 bit client.
Dear friends! Check out 1.0.5 version!

Happy effective folding everyone!
1.0.5 64-bit version released
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