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О проекте
Thousands of PC users are being called on to donate their spare CPU cycles to help create a massive grid computing engine to process terabytes of radio astronomy data as part of theSkyNet project. It will be used for, among other things, processing the huge amount of data expected to flow off Australia's forthcoming Square Kilometre Array telescope.

Регистрация в проекте

Проект работает не на платформе BOINC. Запускать можно прямо из браузера, также существует клиент, скачать который можно отсюда Для работы требует java 1.6 и выше

Команды Украины в проекте пока нет
Створив команду Ukraine (так і шукати) - на Dashborad знизу зліва є посилання "find an alliance".
Воно все в них поки дуже глючне, не дозволяло зробити відкриту команду (alliance як вони називають) - то мусів був створити закриту (за запрошенням), але повідомив їх шоб зробили відкритою,

а поки давайте свій нік - і я вручну запрошу.

Також ледве працює напряму із браузера, а програми є тільки на Вінду та Мак. Хоча це все через Джаву, і не на всіх Мак-ах паше.

Далі буде
спробую на маку
Коротше так.

Нашу команду (Ukraine), зробили відкритою, чим й Death і скористався, і вже наклепав очки.

Як би я не перевстановлював джаву - на Маку поки це не паше.
Також не пахало на лінуксі.

Але - тепер роздають милом бета версію під лінукс. То я собі запитав - то коли отримаю - якось зроблю доступною тут усім.

аплеты можно вытащить из браузера ))

винда выдаёт предупреждение и запускает их как десктопные приложения...
Death, зробив тебе адміном...
також - посилання на лінуксовий кліент тута

а там:

*nix type chip 32 bit 64 bit
aix PPC Y Y
freebsd x86 Y Y
hpux ia Y Y
hpux parisc Y Y
linux ppc Y Y
linux x86 Y Y
linux ia Y
macosx universal Y Y
solaris sparc Y Y
solaris x86 Y Y
New installers available for download

Posted on November 23, 2011 by theSkyNet
We’ve modified the Nereus installer to ensure it runs as a low priority background service on your machine. If you’re running the background client and installed it sometime ago, perhaps think about uninstalling and reinstalling from here http://www.theskynet.org/download/index.

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Current Alliance:

Creation Date:
14th of September, 2011

Your Join Date:
15th of September, 2011

Total Members:

Total Alliance Credits:

Top Contributors:
#1 UA_ReMMeR 3204
#2 Death 21
#3 Vvolodymyr 0


You will receive trophies as you contribute to theSkyNet and achieve certain milestones. The more you have theSkyNet running, the quicker you will earn trophies. Share them with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.


Top Contributors:

#1 UA_ReMMeR 21164
#2 Death 236
#3 Vvolodymyr
чето я не понял - КОГДА клиент работает? и где смотреть его состояние на компе?
Current alliance: Ukraine

Alliance ranking: 146
IPB Image

Welcome to our one year update, we're very excited to share with our members the achievements of our first year. The format of this update will be a little different to the others (we'll return to our usual format next issue). This time we're mainly going to celebrate you as one of our incredibly valued volunteers.

We've achieved so much in our first year, and we are continually thankful and humbled by the patience, support and enthusiasm that our members show towards theSkyNet and the team behind it. You've stuck with us through the hiccups we had when we grew faster than we expected, and celebrated each success with us along the way. The future of theSkyNet is brighter than ever, and we have big plans that we're working towards to improve on member experience, and provide more options for donating. More on that in the coming months.

We also have the great pleasure of making a happy announcement in this issue, so keep reading to find out all about our 1st year.

Celebrating our first birthday!

To properly celebrate our one year anniversary, we thought what better way than to create a follow up to our launch video. It's four minutes jam packed with overall stats on what we've achieved, what we've been working on and some recognition for our amazing members. Click here to watch the video on the ICRAR website. link.gif

To give you an idea of just how much work has done through theSkyNet (and your computers) in the past twelve months, here's some of the stats from the video (and a few bonuses):

We've had 240,000 unique clients connected to theSkyNet, and those clients have completed 1.67 billion processing jobs that represent over 9.3 TB of data processed. These completed jobs represent about 1.2 years of dedicated CPU time on a 1000 node cluster (a moderate supercomputer) - something beyond the reach of the worthwhile projects you've helped us work on.

The processing power of theSkyNet at any one time is about 24 TFlops (which is about 1/3 of a top 500 supercomputer) which is made up of an average 2,100 clients connected. Our users are spread far and wide around the globe, with most of you from the UK, Australia and the US. From our base in Perth, Western Australia we're excited to be working with so many different countries to make theSkyNet such a success.
We're also a finalist for a West Australian Science Award in the 'Science Engagement Initiative of the Year' category - we find out if we're a winner on the 11th of October, so wish us luck.


If you've been with theSkyNet since we launched on the 13th of September 2011, or even if you've joined us afterward, you may remember some talk of a prize. We wanted to offer a reward for our most dedicated user, and we also wanted to give almost everyone a shot at winning the prize. So we devised two groups of users - Power Users and Individual Users - that would have different targets to win the prize. Power Users have, on average, 10 clients or more connected to theSkyNet and Individual Users have less than 10 clients connected on average. So if you had one client connected 24/7 to theSkyNet your average number of clients would be '1' and you'd be an Individual User.

We didn't know how much processing people would be able to do when we first devised theSkyNet, so we didn't know what a reasonable target would be for each group. Our plan was to set the targets after a few months of stable (bug free) usage. Then, theSkyNet exploded on us and our membership grew to 7,600 members (as of this morning) and everyone was processing far more data than we had expected when it all began. So we never set a target for either group! However, we have a solution.

What we've decided to do is award two prizes instead, based on the top users as of today (our one year anniversary is the logical choice for us!) We'll organise our top Power User a trip to the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory to visit the future site of the Low Frequency part of the Square Kilometre Array and see the telescopes that are being constructed there at the moment - the Murchison Widefield Array and the Australian SKA Pathfinder. Our top Individual User will receive a brand new telescope delivered to them so they can discover the Universe in their own backyard as well as with theSkyNet.

IPB Image So, without further introduction, we're very excited to be able to award our Power User prize to member vk5fj, or Kim, (with over 2,120,000 credits to his name). We're looking forward to having Kim visit theSkyNet base here at ICRAR and taking him up to the Murchison site to see everything that's going on.

Our Individual User award prize goes to PaulBacca, with over 450,000 credits to his name. This is an incredible contribution to be coming from an average less than 10 connected clients over the year. Paul will receive his telescope soon!

Congratulations to both Kim and Paul, and thank you so very much for your dedicated contributions to theSkyNet.

At the moment the Power Users and Individual Users are all mixed up in the ladder on the website, this is something we've been hoping to remedy for a while now but haven't had the resources. Hopefully you'll see the ladders split next year. For the prize we downloaded records from our backend servers showing how many clients are connected per UserID and how long they're connected for.

That's it from theSkyNet team today. As always if there's something you'd like to see in theSkyNet, or something isn't working as expected you can let us know through our contact form, or on the forums.

Всім привіт і доброго часу доби!
Приєднався до Альянсу УКРАЇНА. По троху йду вперед до всебічного пізнання космосу bq.gif
Учасник проекту з рендерингу http://www.renderfarm.fi/.
Планую працювати з роботи та з дому, правда не знаю, чи так вийде, мається на увазі на один логін.
Happy second birthday to theSkyNet!

Thanks to all of our wonderful members (ie you!), we've had two years of great science, we've learned a lot and we've grown to the equivalent of a powerful supercomputer crunching astronomy data for researchers around the world.

We've been very busy the past six months putting all this knowledge and your suggestions (some of them from the very beginning!) into action with a brand spanking new website. Consider it our birthday present to you.

It's live right now at http://theskynet.org

Plus, to celebrate our birthday even more, there'll be an exclusive trophy for everyone that logs in to the website today.
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