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> How to register (with pictures), for English-speaking visitors
Feb 14 2011, 11:50
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How to register (with pictures) for English-speaking visitors

1) Click on registration link 6e047365df22.gif

Приєднане зображення


2) Agree with forum rules and policies. They are pretty standard, just telling that you may be banned for spam etc.
Accept checkbox and click Registration button rtfm.gif

Приєднане зображення


3) Now you have to fill your profile, username, email, password, etc, and also solve captcha code.
Follow the screenshot.
At the end, click register button ph34r2.gif

Приєднане зображення
Чол - male
Жін - female

4) Now please check your email, and follow the activation link.
When successfully activated, please login to the forum and feel free to hang out here drinks2.gif


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Приєднане зображення
Приєднане зображення

Or Follow this link to switsh Your forum's language to English :

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