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This is a cross between Minesweeper and an RPG.
You gain levels by killing weak monsters and win when you defeat them all.
It's a bit different than Minesweeper in that the number you reveal when you click on a square is the total of the levels of the monsters in adjacent squares.

When you click on a tile with a monster in it, a battle begins.
First you attack, and deal damage (equal to your level) to the monster.
On the next turn, if the monster is still alive, it attacks you back.
Your attacks alternate until one of you dies.
You don't see this, though -- the battle plays out instantly after you click.


Click on a tile to open it.
Click on an already defeated monster to switch between it and the number for its square.
You can mark tiles with numbers by pressing A and D or Left and Right while hovering the mouse over them.
When you press Left or A, the number decreases, starting from the highest possible monster level.
When you press Right or D, the number increases, starting from two.
Click "Clear", and confirm at "OK?" to reset the game.

HP Hit points. If these drop to 0, you lose.
LV Level. This is how much damage you deal to monsters.
EX Experience. Collect enough to level up.
NE Remaining experience required to reach the next level.

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