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> Korea@Home, Корейский проект, считающий всё подряд
Jan 2 2010, 01:49
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Проект "Korea@Home"

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О проекте:

+ Project Introduction

Korea@Home is a data processing project that distributes large load of data that a single computer cannot process to numerous computing resources linked to the internet. The usage rate of super-highway information infra and the internet in Korea is at the highest ranks in the world, and so the motive of this project is to utilize these resources to construct a low cost-highly efficient computing environment. To actively utilize this network infra, a project to construct a distributed computing environment based on the internet called the Korea@Home project, was undertaken by the KISTI(Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information) in 2002. The distributed computing project is being globally noticed as a new computing environment and is being heavily invested in for research and human resources. Therefore with continuous research, it may acquire a leading edge in technology as other IT fields, but most importantly, the lively participation of netizens is necessary. The project has just been initiated, but with 30 thousand providers of PC resources participating simultaneously (P-III 500MHz standard), a capacity of 12.7 teraflops which is similar to a ACSI White supercomputer may be performed by a theoretical calculation. Based on our advanced infra, immense economical benefits are expected with active participation from people by utilizing idle PC resources. Obviously, not all various applications of a supercomputer can be replaced by the project, implying the importance of developing an appropriate application system. Also, as the resource providers are the general public, it is essential to develop applications and fundamental software conforming with the public interests to carry out the project more successfully.

+ History


Jul. Factorization analysis application(mathematics/encryption) beta test
Jun. TFT-LCD optical characteristics analysis (IT) beta test
Apr. High-resolution precipitation forecast(meteorology, 1 X 1km² resolution) execution and visibility beta test


Dec. Renewal of ISMS(Information Security Management System) of KISA(Korea Information Security Agency)
May Expansion of Korea@Home application field
- High-resolution precipitation forecast visibility(meteorology, 3 X 3km² resolution)
- TFT-LCD optical characteristics analysis (IT)
- Factorization analysis application(mathematics/encryption)


Nov. 16 'TFT-LCD optical characteristics analysis' application initiated
Nov. 3 Agreement with 'Tongmyung University' for the activation of Korea@Home
Oct. 7 'High-resolution precipitation forecast' application initiated
Nov. Renewal of ISMS(Information Security Management System) of KISA(Korea Information Security Agency)
Mar. 3 Expansion of Korea@Home application field
- High-resolution precipitation forecast (meteorology)
- TFT-LCD optical characteristics analysis (IT)
- Dielectric hierarchy comparison analysis (Bio)
Jan. 28 'Protein structure analysis' application completed
- Completed unit no. : 3,178,399 units
- Execution period : Approximately 11months 20days


Dec. Korea@Home 2 platform development completed and homepage reorganized
Nov. 22 Approved ISMS(Information Security Management Model) of KISA(Korea Information Security Agency)
May Expansion of Korea@Home application field
Korean peninsula climate forecast(meteorology)
Feb. 4 'Protein variation analysis' application initiated
Feb. 1 'Global risk management' application completed
- Completed unit no. : 1,801,491 units
- Execution period : Approximately 3 months and 2 days


Nov. 1 Korea@Home 2nd platform model test initiated for general users
Oct. 1 Korea@Home project homepage renovation
Jul. 2nd Korea@Home platform alpha test
Jun. Initiated Korea@Home website renewal
May New substances detected for medication in antibiotics, dermatophytosis (7 substances verified of validity, 2 substances verified of potential)
Apr. Expansion of Korea@Home application field(3 fields)
Candidate substance screening for new medicine(BT), global risk management(finance, securities), dispersed 3D rendering (animation)
Korea@Home expansion initiated
Jan.~Feb. ‘Candidate substance screening for new medicine’ 2nd test(6,472 PCs)


Aug.~Sep. ‘Candidate substance screening for new medicine’ 1st test(1,217 PCs)
Jul. 1st Korea@Home platform developed(client-server type)
Mar. Research task chosen as 'Internet-based distributed computing technology development for new medicine screening'
University-Industry-Government consortium structured(KISTI, GIB, Soongsil University Computer Aided Molecular Design Research Center, KIST Bioanalysis and Biotransformation Research Center)
Feb. Promotion plans established for 2002 Model Project(KISTI)
Jan. 30 PC based distributed computing environment construction project(Korea@Home project) announced(Ministry of Information and Communication)

+ Expected results

1. Economical cost effects
- Creates potential value of approximately 400 billion won, equal to 4 IBM ASCI White supercomputers worth 100
billion won each

- Replacing the existing high-quality supercomputers or cluster computers is difficult, but high-quality and high-
capacity computing power can be provided for a part of existing applications and new applications

2. Solution for massive challenges
- As fields requiring data processing within limited time increase, for example bio, astronomy, meteorology and
AI, demand for high-performance computing are satisfied

- Provides computing power demanded in massive high value-added industrial projects or national projects
contributing to national interests

3. Continuous dispersion and expansion of domestic info-communications infra
- Enhancement of information standards by inviting PC resource providers from the public|

- Expansion of internet access and national information policies promoted by the government contribute to
industrial development

- By acquiring the competitive edge against overseas distributed computing projects through advanced ;
domestic;infra, large projects requiring high-level processing may be performed by domestic infra and then
exported globally

4. Catalytic effects for various application fields and for industrial development
- By providing more opportunities to various fields requiring high-performance high-capacity computing power,
theindustry and application fields may be activated

- Activates various application fields and provides computing power to create extra value-added opportunities
and?develops new technology for distributed computing environment structures, that require high-level
infocommunication technology

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